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Software Platform for Outcome Based Education & Accreditation Readiness

Ionidea has been one of the sponsors of IUCEE's ICTIEE 2024. Looking forward to meeting you

In this COVID19 pandemic situation, most of us are working from home. To make best utilisation of your time, IonIdea’s IonEducation SMEs are hosting series of FREE webinars on various topics like OBE Best practices, Automation of OBE processes for accreditation readiness, Best practices of academic autonomy, Tier1 and Tier2 OBE challenges of manual practices, Digitising of valuation system etc. Please click on WEBINARS main menu option to register OR please write to (

Dr. Sushma S. Kulkarni

Rajarambapu Institute of Technology (RIT) is using IonCUDOS, software developed by Ion IDEA for last eight months to simplify the process of using OBE. IonCUDOS is OBE platform used to align all the components of OBE. It is an user-friendly tool used to plan and manage the curriculum, its delivery and assessment. It covers the entire OBE framework right from Vision of the Institute to attainment of Course outcomes, program outcomes and program educational objectives.  It generates excellent reports on course plan, model question papers, mid and end semester exam question papers, attainment of outcomes in numerical and graphical forms


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